We're Bank City and we #getactive

This year we will be tracking challenging segments on Bank City signature rides (airport loop & Highland Creek hills) to determine the 2024 Club King & Queen of the Mountain.

Check this page to see who's the current King & Queen for each segment! (KOM & QOM will be updated weekly)

2024 "Mt Olive Hill" Club KOM/QOM

If you've took the leap of faith and turned on Mt Olive during the airport loop ride, this segment needs no introduction.

~.68 miles & 3.1% grade

Segment: Olive Branch Rd.

👑 50+ KOM: Ajamu 14.3 mph

👑 50+ QOM: Courtney 10.1 mph

2024 "Dixie River Hill" Club KOM/QOM

This is everyone's favorite way to end the airport loop ride "That Dixie River Hill"

~.34 miles & 5.8% grade

Segment: Muur van Berwick ES

👑 50+ KOM: Demdare 14 mph

👑 50 + QOM: Ivy 9.4 mph

2024 "Climb to Christenbury" Club KOM/QOM

You know the spot on Highland Creek when you're heading towards Christenbury Rd from Eastfield Rd direction and you know that short steep hill is coming... yep, this is it

~.18 miles & 5.8% grade

Segment: A challenge awaits around the bend

👑 50+ KOM: Demdare 17.6 mph

👑 50+ QOM: Ivy 14.8 mph

2024 "UPHill of Death" Club KOM/QOM

When you're heading towards Eastfield Rd and you've just passed Christenbury, you know what's next...

~ .21 miles & 4.7% grade

Segment: Colby's UPHill of Death

👑 50+ KOM: Rob 16.8 mph

👑 50+ QOM: Ivy 14.3 mph

Can we reach 2,500 miles/week as a club???

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