Service Projects

Bank City Bike Club is dedicated to our community and we utilize the art of cycling as a method of outreach to service those in our community. We understand the value of a healthy lifestyle, a primary component of which is exercise. We believe cycling is an exciting way to bring the value of exercise to our community and aid people in developing a healthy lifestyle. Through our club, we go above and beyond just cycling. Our members are passionate about servicing our community, so in addition to providing cycling activities, our club also offers many other community service projects as listed below:

  1. Equality ride: Every year in October, we host an “equality ride” to promote and bring awareness to social justice issues. This event includes very diverse members of the community who come together for this purpose. 
  2. Safety classes for beginning level riders. These classes are specifically for the community to educate novel riders about cycling safety.
  3. Feeding the homeless: the club strives to do this once a month by visiting an area of town that has a huge homeless population and disbursing food and drinks. 
  4. Annual Thanksgiving Sponsor-a-family: Every November, the club sponsors at least 3 families from an under-served school in the Charlotte, NC area. 
  5. Annual Back to School supply give away: Every August, the club partners with another non-profit to assist giving away back to school supplies for under-privileged youth in the Charlotte area. 
  6. Annual Cancer Hospital fundraising: The club participates with the “” cycling event to raise money for Atrium Health’s Levine Institute, Levine Children’s hospital, and other organizations committed to providing supportive oncology resources to our local cancer community. 
  7. Annual Youth bicycling Summer Clinic: Each summer, the club visits at least one summer camp serving under-privileged youth and hosts a one day summit, teaching them how to ride bikes in a safe manner. 
  8. Bank City Bike Club Annual Banquet: Each Fall, the Club hosts a banquet to raise money for our Christmas bike give away. 
  9. Annual Christmas Bike Give Away: The club will give away at least 10-20  bicycles to under-privileged youth each December for Christmas.